Differences urban mobility and urban logistic

Differences urban mobility and urban logistic

As mobility specialists we notice that, as the sector grows, information can become confusing. This is why we want to clarify the difference between two terms widely used in the sector: Urban Logistics and Urban Mobility.

Differences between Urban Logistics and Urban Mobility

Urban Logistics

With the growth of big cities and the concentration of population, certain challenges that mobility has to face are growing. Urban Mobility takes a holistic view of the mobility of a city, affecting population and merchandise.

Urban Mobility does not only focus on the commercial part of a city, but also on the transport of people and merchandise.

It seeks to ensure greater mobility of the population and communication between all areas of the city.


Urban Mobility

Urban logistics is not possible if urban mobility does not allow us to see the whole picture, but this does not mean that it is not necessary to contemplate it in itself.

Providing for centres of millions of people is the great challenge facing big cities. The growth of cities and the concentration of population bring with them certain obstacles: traffic congestion, time and road restrictions, slowness of movement, among others.

Urban logistics involves all movements related to commercial activity and the supply/distribution of products in cities. The participation of all members of the productive-logistic chains, whether public or private, is vital to guarantee the optimization of the transport of commercial activities carried out in urban areas.

Urban logistics is responsible for studying the mobility of services and products within cities, generating the maximum optimization of the time-distance-cost relationship. It is important to contemplate both concepts as familiar, that cannot exist one without the other.


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