We are a leading benchmark company in the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructures that is helping to drive forward sustainable mobility and green attitudes.

Our response to the paradigm shift in mobility is to develop projects that define the best infrastructures for the needs of our clients.

Our services

We advise companies and public authorities on their electric mobility strategy, from definition through to implementation and every stage of the project in between

Why work with Evectra?
EVECTRA was set up in 2012 to offer a global response to the charging infrastructure needs being expressed by many public authorities and private organisations.
Our actions have been steered by our values from the outset:
Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in a huge range of public works projects and industrial installations.
We operate to the very highest professional standards to ensure we are absolutely thorough and provide outstanding quality. Our client portfolio and the projects we have completed in the past represent our strongest guarantee.
We are flexible and ambitious, which leads us to always seek the ideal choice for each project. We view each project as a challenge.
We are committed to improving quality of life for the people and the environment. We want our business project to contribute towards healing the planet.
Our Projects
Consultancy and engineering projects for private companies and public authorities wishing to conduct feasibility studies and develop charging station facilities for electric buses, cars and motorcycles.
Our clients include