6. Our team- multiculturalism at work and its benefits

Our team: multiculturalism at work and its benefits

Teamwork is a quality that characterizes us. Today we want to share with you the benefits of multiculturalism at work and tell you why we make this choice every day.

Multiculturalism at work

We understand multiculturalism as a characteristic that arises from the coexistence of different cultures.

Different perspectives provide a great enrichment at the moment of seeking and proposing solutions. They facilitate the incorporation of different points of view, which generates a more complete and innovative result.

Multiculturalism in work environments also increases a company’s potential for internationality, as well as the possibility of targeting different markets in more specific and culturally appropriate ways.

Increase the creativity

Another important factor of having a multicultural team is the increase in creativity. Thanks to the different points of view and ideas gained through travel and learning, which vary according to culture, a wide variety of perspectives in problem solving is achieved.

Diversity of thought generates innovative and ground-breaking ideas that will boost projects and improve their results.

Daily interaction with different nationalities teaches you about cultures and customs different from your own. This expands the mind and allows you to see beyond your own environment. Learning the customs of other cultures makes the team develop a greater ability to see circumstances in a different way.

Understanding ourselves with people who think like us is easy, the challenge is to do it with those who have different ways of thinking from us.

Step out of the comfort zone

Another factor to consider is creativity; creative people are characterized by choosing options that are different from the traditional. For example, there are cultures that are characterized by linear thinking and are used to doing things in order (1,2,3,4); while others break with this logic, in virtue of what is most effective for them. So, if a process is not working, it is better to have multiple ways and avenues to choose the best alternative option.

There are many, many ways of doing things and they all have their degree of validity. This diversity is valuable as individuals complement each other and generate synergy, which is ideal in a team.

At Evectra we understand multiculturalism as one of the most important factors in a company, as the globalization of the world has shown us that there are no borders when it comes to finding the ideal person to join our team. The reward is huge!