¿How and why to do an urban mobility study_

¿How and why to do an urban mobility study?

Today we would like to tell you a little more about our services.


At Evectra, we offer a wide range of services, among which can be found the consultancy, where we perform several studies with multiple approaches. Inside these works we can find urban mobility studies focused on electric mobility.

 ¿Who needs an urban mobility study and in which context?

In this type of work, our main clients are public administrations that are looking to stimulate the electric vehicle or start their migration to electric fleets, companies that want to know the territory in which they are going to work, etc.

¿What are the stages of the study?

We begin with the collection of data and delimitation of the study area, definition of the objectives and analysis of the current scenario to which we are seeking to respond.

Based on the data analysed, alternatives and solutions are presented to respond to this context, the current scenario is considered by implementing these alternatives/solutions and an assessment is made as to whether or not it is an optimal solution.

An analysis of future scenarios with the implemented proposal is developed using our software or simulation programs for the evaluation of these scenarios.

The simulation serves as conceptual support for the analysis of urban mobility, it pretends to anticipate the response of transport to the alternative or solution that is presented.

This analysis intends to guarantee that the transport is efficient and responds to the needs for which it was created.

At Evectra, we respond to the change of paradigm in mobility and we accompany your company to make this change without difficulties. The time is now. Contact us!