Connecting multiple technologies in electrified garages

Connecting multiple technologies in electrified garages: The future of electric vehicle charging

Electrified garages are becoming a key solution for charging electric vehicles in residential, commercial and public parking environments.

However, the evolution of these garages goes beyond the simple installation of charging stations. EVECTRA has been working to connect multiple technologies in carports to improve the efficiency, power and functionality of electric vehicle charging.

Features of electrified garages

Integration of energy storage systems

One of the key technologies being integrated into electrified garages is energy storage systems.

These systems, such as lithium-ion batteries, allow electrical energy to be stored and released in a controlled manner to charge electric vehicles at times of high demand or when electricity prices are lower.

The integration of energy storage systems in electrified garages helps to manage charging more efficiently and optimizes energy use.


Bi-directional charging and vehicles as energy sources

Another technology under development for electrified garages is bi-directional charging, which allows electric vehicles to not only consume energy from the grid, but also to feed energy back into the grid when needed.

This means that electric vehicles can act as energy sources and contribute to grid stabilization, especially during peak demand or emergency situations.

Bi-directional charging is an innovative solution that takes advantage of the energy storage capacity of electric vehicles and contributes to the integration of intermittent renewable energy sources.

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Wireless charging technology

Wireless charging is another technology being explored for integration into electrified garages.

With this technology, electric vehicles can charge by simply parking on a surface equipped with inductive charging technology. This eliminates the need for cables and physical connectors, increasing the convenience and ease of use of charging.

Wireless charging is especially useful in environments where frequent and fast charging is required, such as public car parks, vehicle fleets and shared spaces.


Integration with smart energy management systems

The electrified garages of the future will also be integrated with smart energy management systems.

These systems use algorithms and advanced analytics technology to optimize electric vehicle charging based on energy availability, charging demand and electricity prices. In addition, these systems can coordinate the charging of multiple electric vehicles to avoid overloading the local power grid.

The integration of smart energy management systems in electrified garages improves efficiency and load planning, maximizing the use of renewable energy and reducing electricity costs.


Connecting multiple technologies in electrified garages represents the future of electric vehicle charging. The integration of energy storage, bi-directional charging, wireless charging and smart energy management systems improves the efficiency, convenience and functionality of electric vehicle charging.

Evectra, as a leading and reference company in the development of charging infrastructures, we already use and propose the use of these technologies to accelerate the transition to more sustainable mobility and provide innovative solutions to the challenges of electric vehicle charging in the future.