Mobility consultancy types

Mobility Consulting types

Today we will tell you more about our consultancy services and the different typologies that can be found.

Mobility Consulting

First, let’s define what we mean by consultancy:

The consultancy is the stage previous to the engineering works where, at Evectra, we provide an important additional value to the electric mobility projects.

All engineering must have a previous phase of consultancy, since it is here where the parameters of design and conceptualization are established and then materialize in the engineering phase.

In consultancy, we carry out customized advice, sizing and design of the project, which may or may not be passed on into engineering.

Therefore, by virtue of the different projects we work on, we can divide the consultancy area into various typologies:

Electric Mobility strategy

Consultancy focused on electric mobility strategy:

  • Strategic plans for companies or territories
  • Public administration, with the purpose of promoting electric vehicles in these areas.

Business model study consultancy

Business model study consultancy:

  • Implementation of recharging infrastructures inside business models
  • Bus line rectification study.

Here we perform studies of buses and their routes, the different parameters of the lines, holography, climatology, the consumption of vehicles, lines and routes, e-buses, merchandise trucks.

Engineering projects

Consultancy before engineering projects: design and sizing of the project, definition of the charging infrastructure to be implemented.


European projects

And finally, consultancy related to European projects.


We understand consultancy as a necessary and determining phase of each project, it ensures its good execution and use.

This is where we add our greatest value, we propose optimal and customized solutions according to our client’s needs, we detect where it is possible to optimize resources and we ensure the best result.

Go green – we’ll help you!