measures to promote electric vehicles

Measures to promote electric vehicles

We would like to share some information on a topic that is often discussed with our customers: how to promote electric mobility in companies and/or regions.

On the road towards the reduction of combustion transport, both car companies and public administrations in each country must implement measures to promote the use of electric vehicles among the population.

How to promote the use of electric vehicles

Here you are not going to find a single answer or a pdf manual with the solutions, the specific context must be studied in depth and the actions must be defined to reach the objectives set, but there are also certain actions that can be taken to start to encourage the population.

In Spain, financial incentives financed by the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) have been developed with the intention of mobilizing 4.3 billion euros for the restructuring of the automobile industry by 2023.

Plan Moves III

Among these measures is the Plan Moves III, a program of direct aid to communities to encourage the purchase of electric vehicles and the installation of the necessary structures for recharging them. Because we cannot implement a new electric vehicle without planning how and when it will be recharged.

We would also like to remind you of the Royal Decree that came into force this year, which aims for Spain to have more than 100.000 public charging points by 2023.

The development of financial plans, state aid and the improvement of infrastructures are some of the actions that encourage the purchase of non-polluting vehicles, thus achieving European development and sustainability objectives.


Other initiatives that encourage the use of electric vehicles are the reduction of VAT on the purchase of these, the expansion of fast charging points on the road for public use, the creation of a map where all the charging points in the country are exposed, to facilitate access to them, among other actions.


In Evectra, we help our clients to access to these economic aids, to elaborate innovation projects to apply to European funding initiatives, for example, the H2020 program.


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