What can you find in a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan?

SUMPs must ensure a balance between mobility and accessibility needs, while favoring environmental protection, social cohesion and economic development.

What is a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan?

A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is a set of actions aimed at implementing more sustainable forms of travel (walking, cycling and public transport) within a city, in other words, modes of transport that make economic growth, social cohesion and environmental protection compatible, guaranteeing a better quality of life for citizens.

This means providing citizens with alternative modes of transport to private transport that are sustainable, efficient and comfortable. Because of these factors, it is necessary to manage the demand for private mobility in a way that requires a high level of public awareness and participation.

The elaboration of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan requires a methodology of participation and social awareness, information and education by local authorities, together with detailed analysis of the initial situation and proposals, progressive implementation of measures with evaluation of results.

Main characteristics of SUMPs:

  • They act at local or metropolitan level
  • Ensure accessibility and mobility needs of the municipalities
  • They cover all modes of transport, people and merchandise.
  • They are linked to local, regional and national plans and strategies.
  • They must reduce the negative impacts of transport
  • Address growing traffic volumes and congestion
  • Aim to change the modal split in favor of cleaner and more efficient modes
  • They propose urban planning taking into account accessibility criteria and the mobility generated by the different centres and areas of activity.


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