Our service chain and work stages

Consultancy and development of sustainable mobility projects

Today we would like to tell you more about our service chain and its respective stages of work.

When our customers decide to make the switch to sustainable mobility, they make the first contact with us, where they tell us their intentions and ideas.

Consultancy phase

Initially we start with a consultancy phase, to highlight the client’s existing knowledge and to visualize the gaps where we need to add our grey matter.

In the vast majority of cases, the client knows about the vehicles and the routes they travel, the rest of the information is added by us by carrying out various studies and analysing which solution is the most appropriate for their context.

At the end of every consultancy we have certain conclusions, which derive into a line of action. These conclusions are varied, they can be a series of suggestions to be implemented, for example, in the case of encouraging the use of electric vehicles.


Project development

We suggest multiple actions, but we only take care of the recharging infrastructure and develop the consultancy project around this area.

Following the logical line of thought, after determining that what is needed is a recharging infrastructure, we move on to engineering, where the work is executed in which we perform the project management. The continuation would be the maintenance and operation part where we take care of the control part of all this.

At these points mentioned, Evectra does not do the installation at any point, our contribution is always the grey matter with the aim of optimizing costs, ensuring that the charging infrastructure makes sense and is functional to the use that will be made of it.

Of all the things that can be done, there are customers who express that they don’t need the consultancy as they have already determined that they want the charging infrastructure, so we go straight into engineering and skip the consultancy phase.

Tailored sustainable consultancy

Our service is completely open, we adapt completely to the needs of our clients, achieving optimal solutions and reaching the proposed objectives.

The time is now. Join green mobility – we help you!