¿Why is it necessary to have an electric mobility project_

¿Why is it necessary to have an electric mobility project?

Modifying our mobility involves a change of great magnitude, carrying out a project allows us to generate a response and define actions that are specifically designed for the characteristics and resources of each client.

Electric mobility project

¿Which are the benefits of a consultancy project?

Performing a study previous to the project allows us to:

  • Know the current situation of the company
  • Which are the objectives of this modification
  • Prepare a planning that allows the optimization of the resources and the minimum expense.

 ¿Which are the previous phases to generate the project?

  1. We arrange an interview to define the mobility needs of the company or institution and which resources they have available.
  2. We elaborate an offer where we compile all the information gathered in the interview and we make our recommendations to achieve the defined objective.
  3. Once the offer is accepted, we make the necessary adjustments to adapt the project as much as possible to the client’s needs.
  4. We finalize the final project and we start working with our team of qualified engineers.

At the moment of taking the decision to modify the mobility of our company or service we must take into consideration, as a fundamental piece, an adequate planning and advice.

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