¿Which are the main problems in mobility_

¿Which are the main problems in mobility?

Sustainable mobility is currently growing and is expected to continue to grow, but this dialogue was initiated by identifying certain issues that directly affect the population and the environment.

Problems with mobility and the environment

Below, we would like to share some of the most common ones:

  • Inefficient car use: currently, the average number of occupants in a car is less than 2 and one third of journeys are less than 2km.
  • High consumption of non-renewable energy: approximately 68% of imported oil goes to the transport sector.

Pollution through the emission of greenhouse gases is one of the sector’s main concerns.

Many of these problems are due to the population’s inclination towards car use, due to the convenience for the user and the limitation of alternative modes of transport (currently on constant increase). In addition to this, other factors that generate these difficulties are urban planning problems.

Urban mobility plans

In order to improve this situation, urban mobility plans are born, which propose a change to a more sustainable mobility, focusing on improvements for the protection of the environment, the quality of life of society and the development of a solid economic growth.

Therefore, some of the measures to be adopted are:

  • Discouragement of private transport
  • Promotion of public transport and the introduction of effective management in areas such as traffic
  • Promotion of alternative modes of transport.

Objective: Energy saving

In addition, it is important to consider actions directed at energy saving through more efficient driving.

The purpose of implementing such measures is to reduce energy consumption, maintenance costs, emissions and the risk of accidents, while at the same time improving passenger comfort.

Technology is evolving so that those who travel by private transport can do it more efficiently and in a less polluting way, with the electric car and all its advantages gaining special prominence.

This paradigm shift is slow but effective. It is important to invest in intensive planning and mobility studies so that the changes we establish are effective and specific to our context.

Currently, ¿have you generated a change in your mobility and in your company? ¿Are you thinking about doing it? Do not doubt in consulting with us which is the right plan for you, together with our qualified team, we can determine which is the most effective way to do it!