¿How do we develop a recharging infrastructure project_

¿How do we develop a recharging infrastructure project?

Today we would like to share with you a little bit about the chain of services we offer and how we adapt to the needs of the customers who trust us.


In Evectra we have an open service chain, which means that we offer services for the creation of electric mobility projects in its different phases regardless of the moment in which the customer is in his need.


The logical line of thought indicates us that the project must have a Consultancy phase, where we can capture the needs of the client and determine the optimal solution for his case.

  • ¿Which vehicles do you want to recharge?
  • ¿How many recharging points do you need?
  • ¿How much power?

Once we have solved the questions and made the design and the conceptualization of the project, we pass to the Engineering phase.

During this phase we will define the technical details, where the conceptualization made in the consultancy is grounded and approximate construction times are determined.


Once the engineering project has been determined, we move on to the permitting phase.

Here we evaluate the requirements of the different administrations, generate the required documentation, processing and follow-up.


The construction engineering would be, following the logical line, the next step.

Within this phase, we take care of the Site Management, Health and Safety Coordination, technical assistance, technical, economic and time monitoring, as well as other services to ensure that the new recharging infrastructure is carried out correctly and achieves the goal set out in the project.


Once this point has been completed, we move on to the Legalization phase, where we take charge of generating the end of work certificate, the legalization project and all the required documentation, as well as the corresponding procedures and formalities.


The last item in our service chain is the Operation Control where we set a series of indicators to control and monitor the project, we carry out the maintenance control and an analysis of data that comes together with proposals for improvement.


All this chain of services that we offer and we have explained here is the ideal line of thought at the moment of generating a project of infrastructures of recharge, but we understand that not all the scenarios are equal and ideal, therefore from Evectra, we propose to adapt ourselves to the needs of the client generating this added value that differentiates us from the rest.