¿What is mobility consultancy_

¿What is mobility consultancy?

When we decide to change our mobility, we must consider that the way we approach this change will have a long-term impact on our company.

The decisions we take from the very beginning of the idea will condition the whole development of the project.


This is why it is important that we consider engineering consultancy as a fundamental step in this mobility change, as planning and integral vision is the added value in a mobility project.


Planning is the process of defining, coordinating and determining the order in which activities should be carried out in order to achieve the most efficient and economical use of resources and efforts in the development of a project.

Preliminary analysis

With a previous study of the current situation and a planning of the actions, we will avoid improvised decisions and, consequently, unplanned expense over the destined investment.

Mobility project

Our team makes valuable contributions in each phase of the project, accompanying the client in a totally customized way and ensuring the optimum result in each case.


The lack of an engineering and, therefore, of the creation of a project with previous planning, generates, in the long term, diverse problems and an extra expense of resources, for example, at the moment of generating an expansion in our infrastructures of recharge.


At Evectra, we contribute to the optimization of resources and investment with a long-term vision.