The role of the engineer in the new mobility

The role of the engineer in the new mobility

From the several activities we have participated in and our daily work at EVECTRA, we have been thinking about our role as engineers in the new mobility model.

¿What does the new mobility mean?

You have surely heard this concept a lot; the new mobility implies the right of every citizen to move how, when and where he/she wants. It places the individual at the centre of all action. But we must not leave aside the cities, which are a fundamental part, as they are the great prescribers and regulators of transport.


Nine main points that contribute to the creation of this new mobility

  • Shared mobility
  • Public transport
  • Electric and autonomous vehicles
  • Non-powered vehicles
  • Infrastructures and routes
  • Big data
  • Applications
  • Willingness to provide services and inclusion
  • New language of innovation.

The role of the engineer in the new mobility

Within all these new concepts, the engineer has a fundamental role in establishing the functions in the new cities, which are directly involved in the development of the new mobility.


Three fundamental concepts are determined:

  • Urban planning
  • transport
  • Infrastructures.


Engineers have a great impact on these three areas, as our work includes the introduction of new elements in the urban map, such as electric vehicle charging infrastructures, green areas and their subsequent optimization for use.