Sustainable Mobility and Urban Mobility

Sustainable Mobility and Urban Mobility

We will tell you about Sustainable Mobility and how, from EVECTRA, we help this approach to become the main one in terms of urban mobility.


Sustainable mobility was born to respond to the environmental and social problems of urban mobility.

This concept started to gain relevance when society started to become aware of how the impact of actions and the consumption of resources would affect the current and future generations.

We understand sustainability as a way to minimize these effects in order to maintain the quality of life of citizens without affecting their surroundings, environment and the territory they live in.

Sustainable mobility consists of making a rational, conscious and responsible use of the main types of transport, respecting, valuing and caring for the environment.

A culture of sustainable mobility must be encouraged and promoted throughout the world, on land, at sea and in the air.

Inverted mobility pyramid

The inverted mobility pyramid is a way of visually representing the different modes of transport and their use in the transition towards sustainability. The priority is inverted, placing the focus on the pedestrian and those with reduced mobility. Next, we find cyclists, public transport, freight transport and services. At the end we can find the private car and the airplane.


At EVECTRA we develop, advise and accompany your company in its evolution towards the decarbonization, helping to reduce the impact of mobility on the environment.