Legalizing an electric charging point

Legalizing an electric charging point

Today we would like to share with you more information about our services.

From the many services we offer, one of them is the legalization of electric mobility projects or charging infrastructure installations.

Legalisation of electric charging points

As we have already mentioned before, the best is always to follow all the logical line of work, but to adapt to the needs of our customers, at Evectra we offer to fulfill the whole chain of work from the phase in which our client is.

Steps to legalise an electric recharging point

In this phase of Legalization, we carry out multiple tasks:

– Certificate final of work, a document that accredits that the works have finished.

– Legalization Project, a document that precedes the legalization of a construction project.

– Compilation of required information.

– Management of inspection procedures by the authorized control body (OCA), these procedures verify compliance with industrial safety requirements in industrial installations.

– Processing with the regional department of industry.

All these procedures are indispensable to be able to finalize the works of the infrastructures of recharging, at Evectra we offer you to take care of them 100%.

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